International Contemporary Music Contest “Citta' di Udine”

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / International Contemporary Music Contest “Citta' di Udine”

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International Contemporary Music Contest “Citta' di Udine”
Sixth edition


1. The Taukay Music Publishing House, with the City Council of Udine support, announces the Sixth International Contemporary Music Contest “Citta' di Udine”.

2. The contest is divided into two sections:
- Instrumental compositions for chamber instrumental group.
- Electro-acoustic, analogical, and digital music.

3. Only unpublished musical compositions will be admitted into the contest. The pieces may have been already performed. Composers may be of any citizenship and any age. Composers don’t need to send the compositions in anonymous way.

4. Musical scores for the chamber instrumental group section must be no longer than eight minutes.
They are required to use the following instruments:
- string quartet (two violins, viola and cello)
- piano
- flute (ottavino, contralto flute and bass flute) / one player
- clarinet (piccolo, sib, la and basso) / one player
- percussions chosen between: vibrafono, glockenspiel, set of tom-toms (max.5), suspended cymbals, tam tam, temple-blocks, little instruments usually used like triangle, wood-blocks, maracas ecc... / one player.
- These instruments may be used in any combination.
- It is possible to use just one instrument.
- It is possible to use magnetic tape (DAT or compact disc) together with the chamber instrumental group.
- The Composition for the electro-acoustic, analogical, and digital music section must be no longer than ten minutes. (DAT or compact disc).

5. The author of the best composition chosen from each section will be awarded a compensation equal to the sum of one thousand Euros (1000 Euros).
- The Taukay Music Publishing House will organize a public performance of the 6-8 best compositions received, to be held in Udine during autumn 2006.
- The evening will be audio recorded on compact disc.

6. All works must be submitted - no later than April, 30th 2006 - to:
“Taukay Edizioni Musicali - via del Torre 57/5 - 33047 Remanzacco - Udine (ITALIA)”
- The postmark will bear witness to the date.
- The jury’s decision will be made public on June, 30th 2006.

7. The jury has the right to discard those works that do not satisfy the above mentioned requirements.

8. If a work presents new graphic characters or symbols, the author is requested to provide an explanatory table.

9. The compositions for the “analogic and digital electroacustic music” section can be sent in one single copy, whereas for the section of the “instrumental compositions for chamber instrumental group”, the scores must be sent in six copies.

10. Every composition of both sections must be sent together with a copy of the entry fee receipt for 30 Euros payment.
- For foreingn type of money the entry fee is the equivalent of 35 Euros.
- It is possible to take part to the contest with more than one composition.
- For each composition it is necessary to pay the entry fee.
- The payment can be made by international bank transfer to:

Taukay Edizioni Musicali
ABI: 02008
CAB: 12325
C/C: 000000506539

- On the bank transfer receipt the following wording, if possible, must appear the description:
“Tassa di iscrizione per il Sesto Concorso di Musica Contemporanea Citta' di Udine 2006”
- It is possible to use different ways to pay the entry fee. For info contact the contest office at the e-mail address:

11. If a work is selected to be performed, the author must send the single scores for each and every instrument.
- The scores will not be returned, specific agreement excepted.
The following additional documentation is requested from the author:
- First and family name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place and date of birth, citizenship.
- Curriculum vitae and curriculum studiorum.
- A recent picture.
- Copy of identification document of the composer.
- A statement certifying that the submitted composition is unpublished and has not been awarded any prizes in any musical competition.
- A statement agreeing to permit the composition to be broadcast or telecast and archived without compensation.

12. The jury's decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

13. The submission of the application and the piece implies the full acceptance of the above mentioned regulations.
- The non-compliance of the above stated regulations implies the loss of any rights originating from the admission at the contest.
- The Court of Justice of Udine is the place of jurisdiction.
- Further information is available from:
Taukay Music Publishing House - e-mail:

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / International Contemporary Music Contest “Citta' di Udine”

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