BMW musica viva Composition Prize

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / BMW musica viva Composition Prize

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BMW musica viva Composition Prize

Группа: Администраторы
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Fourth Invitation to Apply for the BMW musica viva Composition Prize: Orchestra, choir, soloists, new instruments, electronics, multimedia

On the initative of the Artistic Director of the musica viva, Prof. Udo Zimmermann, the first invitation to apply for the BMW musica viva Composition Prize took place in the 1997/98 season for the first time since the foundation of the musica viva, a concert series for contem-porary music with the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rund-funks (hereinafter: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra). The prize is endowed by the BMW Group and encompasses a total of 25.000.- Euro.

1. Conditions of Application
[1] The 4th call of the BMW musica viva composition prize invites young composers from all over the world to write a work for musica viva. This time the work should be written especially for the competition:
a) an orchestral work for the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. It is possible to include
- new sound-possibilities in connection with sampler, computer, electronic and concrete sounds, new or newly developed instruments and groups of instruments as well as traditional non-european musical instruments.
- up to 3 soloists.
- choir of Bavarian Radio. The size of the choir is not to be extended (12 soprano, 12 alto, 12 tenor, 12 bass).
The duration of the work should not be more than 15 minutes.
The work will be performed at the Herkulessaal der Münchner Residenz.
b) a work in multi medial direction (e.g. film, semi-scenic, sound poetry, space concepts, dance elements, new techniques, special light design) for ensembles (musicians, voices, dancers) of different size and up to 3 soloists.
The duration of the work should not be more than 30 minutes.
The maximal stage size is 7m x 12m or 9m x 12 m for a performance hall or 14m x 14m for a proscenium stage (picture frame stage).
[2] The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities who are not older than 40 years on the latest day of application.
[3] The composition submitted may not have been performed nor published before, neither in part nor as a whole.
[4] The time of duration must clearly be entered on the first page of the submitted full score.

2. Size of the Orchestra and Performance Media
[1] The composition may not require more instruments than the following provided by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, i.e.: winds (;, timpani (1), percussion (3), harp, piano, celesta, strings (
[2] Competitors are not obliged to employ the complete orchestra in the work submitted.

3. Documents to be submitted
[1] The score and notes must be submitted in a clearly legible and reproducable final copy.
[2] The application documents must be submitted anonymously, i.e. the score and other documents may contain neither signature nor name. Work titles of cyclical nature may not be revealed. The submitted documents may furthermore not contain any other indication which might suggest the identity of the composer.
[3] A sealed envelope containing documents with the following informations in typescript must be enclosed with the score:
- First and second name, nationality, date of birth, address, telephone/fax number, a curriculum vitae and a passport photograph of the competitor
- a declaration by the competitor which certifies that the submitted work was composed by himself specially for the composition prize and has, in compliance with the application rules, neither been performed nor published before, neither in part nor as a whole.
[4] The cover of the score and the sealed envelope must be marked with a clearly recognizable sign for reasons of identification. The sign may not be handwritten, but must be in typescript. It must be designed such that the identity of the competitor can by no means be infered from it.

4. Deadline
The score and the sealed envelope must be submitted by September 1, 2005 to the musica viva office of the Bavarian Radio at the following address:

Bayerischer Rundfunk / musica viva
BMW Kompositionspreis der musica viva
Prof. Udo Zimmermann
Rundfunkplatz 1 / D-80335 München

5. Jury
[1] The Jury consists of the chairman and six members to be appointed by the chairman.
[2] The chairman of the Jury is the Artistic Director of the musica viva. The other members are chosen among renowned composers, conduc-tors, artists, critics and musicologists of the international world of music. It is not necessary that all the respective fields named above are represented in the committee.
[3] The Jury can only come to a decision if at least the chairman and four of the appointed members are present.
[4] Decisions by the Jury are arrived at by qualified majority, i.e. with a majority of at least four members entitled to vote. These decisions cannot be challenged. Legal proceedings against decisions by the Jury are inadmissible.

6. Awarding the Prizes
[1] Prizes are awarded by the Jury on the basis of the submitted scores.
[2] A total of up to three Main Prizes and one Patronize Award can be awarded. The 1st Prize can only be awarded once. The Jury can also decide to award no prize at all, if according to their evaluation none of the submitted works qualifies as an outstanding artistic achievement.
[3] The 1st Prize is 10.000.- Euro , the 2nd Prize 7.500.- Euro, the 3rd Prize 5.o00.- Euro. The Patronize Award is 2.500.- Euro.
[4] A competitor can be excluded from the competition at any time, if it becomes evident that a plagiarism was submitted or that the work has already been performed or published as a whole or in part in contradiction of the declaration or that other conditions of this competition are not met. In these cases a prize already awarded can subsequently be withdrawn and the repayment of the prize money be demanded.
[5] The Jury will meet in november 2005.

7. Announcement of the Prize Winners / First Performance of the Prize-Winning Works
[1] The Organizers will announce the Jury's decisions during a press conference to the public.
[2] The prize-winning works will receive their first performance in a musica viva concert of the ensuing three seasons.
[3] A performance of the prize-winning work (either as a whole or in part) in advance of the first performance within the musica viva concert series is not permitted.
[4] The right of the first performance is retained by the Organizers of the competition for a period of three seasons after the award of the prizes.

8. Orchestral Material
[1] The composer of the prize-winning work will receive no fee either for the first performance within the musica viva concert series or for the first or the subsequent radio broadcastings.
[2] The provision of the fair, reproducible score and of the orchestral parts is in the responsibility of the composer of the prize-winning work. Bavarian Radio will settle accounts for any occurred material hire fees to this purpose with the composer or the publisher in accordance with the general rules applying for the respective case between German music publishers and radio companies.
[3] If the prize-winner has contractual obligations with a certain publisher, the complete orchestral material must be submitted to the music archive of the Bavarian Radio at the latest 12 weeks prior to the intended date of the first performance. If the prize-winner does not have contractual obligations with any publisher, he must contact the music archive of the Bavarian Radio at least six months prior to the intended date of the first performance.

9. Returning Material
[1] Scores and documents of submitted works that have not won a prize are returned to the competitors not later than two months after the official announcements of the prize-winners.

10. Publication of Prize-Winning Works / Repeated Participation
[1] If an award-winning work should be issued by a publishing house, the publication must be clearly marked to the effect that the work won the BMW musica viva Composition Prize and was given its first performance at a musica viva concert.

11. Validity and Place of Jurisdiction
[1] By submitting the necessary documents and the participation agreement declared thereby the participating composer at the same time accepts the conditions governing the competition as laid down in the invitation.
[2] Only the German text of the invitation is legally valid. The competition is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
[3] If one of the competition regulations as listed here should be or become unvalid, the validity of the other conditions shall thereby not be affected.

Detailed informations at:
Bayerischer Rundfunk
musica viva
Rundfunkplatz 1
D-80335 München
Tel.: 00 49-89-59 00-22 32
Fax: 00 49-89-59 00-38 27

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / BMW musica viva Composition Prize

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