Pablo Sarasate International Violin Contest (Pamplona, Esp)

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы струнников / Pablo Sarasate International Violin Contest (Pamplona, Esp)

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Pablo Sarasate International Violin Contest (Pamplona, Esp)

1.1. Contestants
The contest is open to violinists of any nationality, provided that they are neither older than 25 nor younger than 15 on the starting date of the competition.

Former first, second and third prizewinners of the Sarasate Competition are not eligible to compete.

1.2. Registration procedure
All participants interested in entering this contest should send in their duly completed registration forms, plus all documents and items below required via postal mail, which should state the date of dispatch, not later than 5th May 2005 (inclusive) to:

Departamento de Cultura y Turismo - Negociado de Asuntos Administrativos
Concurso Internacional de Violín Pablo Sarasate
Navarrería, 39
E 31001 · Pamplona. España

In order to let the Competition know that you have forwarded your documents and application form, it is an essential requirement to send the post office receipt showing proof of mailing by fax (to +34 848 424624), before May 5th 2005. Please enclose your personal data, i.e. your name, address, e-mail and contact phone number in case we have not received your application form and the documents required for registration.

If the application form and documentation (to be sent by 5th May) has not been received by 23rd May 2005 you will not be accepted as an applicant.

To register, the following documents must be supplied:

Registration Form, signed and correctly completed with your personal details, name, address, e-mail, phone number, fax number, whether an accompanying pianist is needed, the pieces to be performed in each of the rounds, etc.
A quality recording standard audio tape or DAT file, video tape (VHS/Pal) or CD containing the applicant’s performance of the two following pieces:
· P. Sarasate. Playera. Op. 23 nº 1
· N. Paganini. Capriccio nº 17
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) written in Spanish, English or French.
If this CV is long, also send a summary (maximum 200 words) for use in the printed programme for the Final Round.
Please attach certified photocopies or supporting documents to the Curriculum Vitae such as certificates or diplomas in professional studies, prizes, performances, performance reviews, and other information that the candidate considers to be helpful.
Two recent passport-size photographs (please write your name and surname on the back).
Photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport, with your age, nationality and number clearly legible.
A letter of reference from your teacher plus another from a well-known musician.
Contemporary score of the contestant's choice (see section 4.2. of the rules).
Contest registration will be considered null and void if any of these documents are not attached. Extra time for completion of registration forms will not be allowed if the name, address, e-mail or phone number are missing.

The competitor will not be allowed to change the programme he/she indicates on the Registration Form unless the Executive Committee or the panel of judges clearly states he/she may do it.

Documents submitted will not be returned under any circumstances.

1.3. Selection process
Once the Registration period is over, selection of the participants will be made on the basis of the documents submitted.

From 24th June 2005 applicants will be informed about the result of the selection process. These results will appear on the contest website. Applicants selected as contestants will be notified by e-mail (or by post if you do not have an e-mail address). Along with this confirmation you will receive information which may be of interest regarding your participation in the contest.

1.4. Registration Fee
The applicants admitted to compete in the contest must provide a bank receipt justifying payment of 60.00 ? registration fee before 15th July 2005, paid to the following Bank account: Account number 2054/0093/38/110.000861.8. Bank: Caja Navarra. Branch: Plaza del Castillo 2, 31001 Pamplona. Swift transfer code: CECAESMM054. IBAN ES9820540093381100008618. Account holder: Gobierno de Navarra - Concurso Pablo Sarasate.

The Registration Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Applicants selected to compete who have failed to pay the registration fee before 15th July 2005, will be excluded from the contest.

1.5. Financial assistance for contestants
Two kinds of assistance are available to contestants:

a. Travel allowance

Contestants and their accompanying pianist (if applicable) who live further than 200 kilometres from Pamplona are entitled to travel allowance as follows:

· Up to 700 km. 60.00 ?
· From 700 - 1200 km. 120.00 ?
· Over 1200 km. 180.00 ?

Travel expenses will be reimbursed after confirmation of the competitor’s presence in the draw (see Section 5.1).

b. Accommodation allowance

The Organization of the contest will pay accommodation expenses and breakfast in the hotel or hall of residence for those contestants who become eligible to pass to the Second Preliminatory Round (as will as their accompanying pianist if they have one) from September 13th until the end of their participation in the contest. The Organization will choose the hotel and contestants will be informed about this at a proper time.

1.6. Accompanying pianist
The Organization will provide an accompanying pianist for each competitor who requests one in the Registration Form.

The Judges reserve the right to declare any prize null and void if performance quality standards are not met.

The Panel of Judges is the only body empowered to award all the Prizes and Scholarships described in the above Terms & Conditions, except for the prize to be awarded by the public.

Prizes cannot be shared. They are tax-exempt and are net.

Contestants must reach the Final in order to receive an Official Prize.

The money prizes of the competition are as follows:

2.1. Official prizes
First Pablo Sarasate Prize 10,000.00 ?
Second Prize 7,000.00 ?
Third Prize 5,000.00 ?
2.2. Special prizes
Prize of 3,000.00 ?, awarded by the International Panel of Judges, to the best interpreter of works by Sarasate.
Prize of 1,500.00 ?, awarded by the public and endowed by the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory, to a finalist.
Prize of 1,500.00 ? to an accompanying pianist brought by a contestant.
2.3. Scholarships
Two Scholarships for improvement of violin performance skills with a Maestro of international prestige chosen by the contestant for 2005 or 2006. Maximum amount for each scholarship: 3,000.00 ?
Scholarship for a Spanish contestant to attend an intensive course in 2005 or 2006 with a prestigious Maestro chosen by the competitor. Maximum amount: 3,000.00 ?.
2.4. Performances
The winner of the First Prize will be engaged by the Orquesta Pablo Sarasate of Pamplona, Orquesta Sinfónica de Bilbao, Orquesta Sinfónica de Euskadi, and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia to perform in either the 2006/2007 or the 2007/2008 season.

The winner of the First Prize will be engaged by the following organizations for a Violin and Piano recital in the 2005/2006 season: Auditorio de Zaragoza, Fundación Caja Vital Kutxa de Vitoria, Fundació Societat i Cultura FUSIC, Sociedad Filarmónica de Burgos, Sociedad Filarmónica de Pontevedra, Sociedad Filarmónica de Vigo.

The winner of the First Prize will perform on the Stradivarius donated by Sarasate to this music learning centre. This recital, organized by the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, will take place in Madrid (2005/2006 season).

The performance of the winner in the above mentioned recital and concerts will be subjected to the terms and conditions stipulated on the contracts agreed by the winner and the organizations referred to herein. The content of the programme and conditions of the contract should be agreed by both Parties.

2.5. Diplomas and others
Prize-winning contestants will receive a diploma accrediting their status as winners.

Contestants competing in the Final Round and who have not been awarded any prize will receive a diploma accrediting their participation in that round.

winners 2003
1st Pablo Sarasate Prize 9,000?. ANNA SAVYTSKA (1980), Ukraine.
2nd Prize 6,000?. YUKA TSUBOI (1979), Japan.
3rd Prize 4,800?. MAIKO ENOMOTO (1980), Japan.
4th Prize 3,600?. JAE YOUNG KIM (1985), Korea.
5th Prize 3,000?. JONG EUN LEE. (1980), Korea.
6th Prize 1,800?. TATEVIK KHACHATRYAN (1982), Armenia.
Special Prize of 1,500? awarded by the public and endowed by the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory.
ANNA SAVYTSKA (1980), Ukraine.
Special Prize of 1,500? to an accompanying pianist brought by the contestant.
Special Prize of 1,500? awarded by the International panel of Judges to a young Spanish violinist who stand out for his quality and youth.
Scholarship (3,000?).
BARTOSZ WOROCH (1984), Poland.
Scholarship (1,500?).
ABDULLAH SAIDOV (1986), Russia.
Scholarship (1,500?).

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы струнников / Pablo Sarasate International Violin Contest (Pamplona, Esp)

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