Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO (compozition)

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO (compozition)

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Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO (compozition)
Regulation 2006
Application Form

Article 1 - The International Composition Prize "Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO" will be awarded for the seventh time in November 2006.
The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities without age limit.
Article 2 - The subject of 2006 Composition is: "a composition for string quartet".
Period of performance mimimum 12 minutes, maximum 25 minutes. Its duration must be indicated in the score.
Article 3 - Two copies of the score have to be sent to the Headquarter of the Academy (see art. 5), no later than September 15th, 2006 (the date of the post-mark will serve as proof), in an envelope bearing the wording "International Composition Prize Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO”. A record will be highly appreciated.
The musical work must be unpublished and must not have been performed in public or trasmitted by radio or television before the day the Prize is awarded. The only exception allowed for all works submitted is a private performance for the purposes of the tape recording mentionned in the first paragraph of this Article.
Article 4 - All the scores have to be anonymous and marked by a motto.
Article 5 - The candidate will have to send to the Headquarter of the Academy - via della Balduina, 75 - 00136 Rome (Italy) an envelope, containing:
a) 2 anonymous Compositions (and recorded tape, Cd or others, if available) marked by a motto.
b) a first sealed envelope only marked by the same motto of the composition. This envelope must contain the application form with name, surname, place and date of birth, telephone, a photo and, a short curriculum.
c) a second envelope bearing the words "to the attention of the secretariat” containing a copy of the receipt for payment of the secretariat's administrative costs as mentioned in art. 11.
Article 6 - Scores, and/or recordings providing besides the motto any other information which could identify the composer will be excluded from the Competition.
Article 7 - The Jury is composed of at least five members of great renown. The Jury's decisione are final. When a competitor enters the Competition, he or she shall undertake to accept all decisions of the Jury without objections.
Article 8 - The amount of the "International Composition Prize Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO” in 2006 is Euro 2,100 and it is indivisibie. In case the Jury decides not to award the above-mentioned Prize, it may assign one Mentions of Honour. The Jury can also decide not to award a price or a mention.
The winning Composition (or the Mention of Honour) will be premiered as first absolute execution during a musical event organized by the Academy in 2007. The composition will be pointed out to the most important musical international Institutions.
Article 9 - The awarded Composition will retain full and absolute property of the composer. Nevertheless, the composer must undertake, in person and in writing to allow his composition to be performed and distributed free from rights other than copyrights.
Article 10 - The non-prize-winning Compositions will be returned on request and at the expenses of the person concerned, after the competition.
Article 11 - The secretariat's administrative costs are Euro 55 and cannot be refunded. The payment must be made no later than September 15th, 2006 either on current account n. 4710056 IBAN: IT66L0200803227000004710056 - BIC number UNCRIT2BZ15 of the UNICREDIT Bank addressed to the "Accademia Angelica Costantiniana or by bank draft non trasferable addressed to Angelica Costantiniana Academy enclosed in the second envelop.
Article 12 - All possible objections concerning this regulation pertain to Court of Rome. The Italian text of this regulation must be considered the only official one.

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / Mario Bernardo ANGELO-COMNENO (compozition)

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