Reggello International Festival of Contemporary & Classical Music

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / Reggello International Festival of Contemporary & Classical Music

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Reggello International Festival
of Contemporary & Classical Music

Artistic Director - Gwyn Pritchard


Submissions are invited from composers of all nationalities
subject to the conditions listed below

Final date for submission: 1st May, 2005

1st Prize Ђ2500 & Two performances
2nd Prize Two performances



The Reggello International Festival Composers' Competition was first held in 2004. The format of the event, the participating ensemble and the performances of the prize winning pieces were all the same as for 2005 (see below), but the 1st Prize has been greatly increased from 1.000 Euros to 2.500. The prizewinner in 2004 were:

1st PRIZE: Paolo Geminiani (Italy) - Voci
2nd PRIZE: Tristan Rhys Williams (Britain) - Deadly Nightshade
Certificate of Participation: Christopher McClelland (Northern Ireland) - [f]

The members of jury were Knut Vaage (Norway), Andrea Cavallari (Italy), and the Festival Director, Gwyn Pritchard (Great Britain).

The London performance of the 1st and 2nd prizewinners' pieces will be given on April 30th, 2005 at St Giles, Cripplegate, Barbican, London EC2.


The 2005 Competition

For both 1st and 2nd prizes the first of the two performances will be given at the 3nd Reggello International Festival, which will run from July 8th to 17th, 2005; the second in London (exact dates and venues to be announced).

From the submitted works an international jury will select four finalists who will be invited to stay in Reggello as guests of the Festival for two days. On the first day their compositions will be rehearsed in a public workshop, after which the pieces to be awarded 1st and 2nd prize will be chosen. On the second day the two winning works will receive a public performance in the evening concert at which the prizes will be awarded.

The workshop and the performances will be given by Uroboros Ensemble conducted by Gwyn Pritchard. Although there are no 3rd or 4th prizes the remaining two pieces may be retained by the performers for possible future performance. Composers who will be unable to attend the workshop and concert in Reggello may still enter the competition.

The names of the four finalists will be placed on this website soon after May 8th, and the composers will also be notified immediately by email or post. Performing material must be sent to the Festival International Office in London so as to arrive by June 17th. The names of the two winners will be announced at the Festival (if the composers cannot be present at the festival they will be notified by email or post) and their names will also be placed on this website.

All composers wishing to submit pieces should read the conditions below and then print out and complete the Entry Form which must accompany all submissions.


The conditions for submission are as follows:

1) There is no age limit; however, submitting composers should not have had more than ten fully professional performances of their music within the last five years, and no published works may be submitted (except for pieces published by small independent publishers).

2) The submitted work must not have had more than one professional performance.

3) Composers may submit works for ensemble using from two up to seven players in any combination drawn from the following instruments (only one of each instrument is permitted): flute (alto flute, piccolo), oboe (cor anglais), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, viola, ‘cello, piano. Pieces may also require a conductor.

4) Submitted pieces should not exceed 15 minutes duration.

5) Composers may submit any number of pieces (each to be accompanied by a separate submission form and fee - see below).

6) Composers may include recordings of submitted pieces if they wish.

7) The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding that decision. The jury reserve the right not to select four finalists nor to award either of the prizes if they consider that no submitted works meet the required standard.

8) All submissions must be received by 1st May, 2005.

9) The composer's real name must not appear on the score. It should be replaced by a pseudonym which must also be given on the accompanying form which will not be seen by the jury until after their selection of the finalists has been made. The duration of the work and the year of composition should also be written on the score. Although composers are invited to send details of their musical background and experience, this information must not include the composers' name, gender.

10) All pieces are to be accompanied by a submission fee of 30 euros, or 22 pounds sterling or 50 USA dollars. Composers submitting more than one piece must pay the full fee for each piece but the fees may be added together in a single cheque or transfer.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Payment may be made by PERSONAL CHEQUE or BANK DRAFT payable to “Uroboros Ensemble”, or by making an INTER-BANK TRANSFER as follows:

Euros only to: NATWEST BANK, Swift (BIC) Code: NWBK GB 2L,
Account name: Uroboros Ensemble (Reggello Festival), Account number: 550 00 64774511,
IBAN: GB94 NWBK 6072 0364 7745 11

Sterling and US dollars to: NATWEST BANK, Swift (BIC) Code: NWBK GB 2L, Branch sort code: 60-08-24,
Account name: Uroboros Ensemble, Account number: 59343133,
IBAN: GB26 NWBK 600824 59343133

A copy of the transfer document must be included with the score

The Competition Secretary
The Reggello International Festival of Music
c/o Uroboros Ensemble
40 Woolstone Road
London SE23 2SG
Great Britain

Scores will not be returned unless sufficient money is added to the submission fee to cover the return postage.

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / Reggello International Festival of Contemporary & Classical Music

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