"Gustav Mahler" Composition Prize Austria

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / "Gustav Mahler" Composition Prize Austria

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"Gustav Mahler" Composition Prize Austria

1) Application Conditions
Composers of any nationality, female or male, are invited to take part in the 11th City of Klagenfurt "Gustav Mahler" Composition Prize 2005.
The compositions entered must not have been published or first performed at any time prior either to application or to the winnerґs concert (July, 28th 2005). The composers will supply the music (parts for directing and parts for voices) in time and without charge. Only one work per composer can be entered.

2) Invitation of Entry
The task in this year's competition is to compose a piece for a Big Band - the final arrangement of which, however, is to remain open. The parts composed - layers, planes, developments - should allow the conductor to make the final decision about their order and combination as late as the production phase just before or even during the first public performance. The arrangement of these "modules" is to go beyond traditional Big Bands literature as far as contemporary tonal and rhythmic language is concerned.The total length of the composed material shall not exceed 15 minutes, whereby the conductor can even go so far as to omit individual parts of the material offered from his or her arrangement. The solo part is to be an electronic reflection on the material provided which interacts with the live music. We have invited The Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband from Vienna, directed by Christoph Cech and Christian Mьhlbacher, as orchestral interpreters, and Wolfgang Mitterer to do the electronic part. Following the jury's decision, the chosen "module"compositions will be recorded in the studio to provide a basis for the electronic interpretation. The meeting of live music and electronic reflection will happen during the production phase before the first performance.

Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband:
4 tpґs (alle 4 auch flh.)
2 tbґs

3) Jury
Chairman: Siegfried Palm
Rainer Bischof, Christoph Cech, Dieter Glawischnig, Dieter Kaufmann, Monika Lichtenfeld, Gerhard Rьhm
Other members of the jury: Rainer Bischof, Christoph Cech, Dieter Glawischnig, Dieter Kaufmann, Michael Riessler
A decision by the jury will be taken on June, 4th 2005.

4) Prizes
The City of Klagenfurt will award the following prizes:
1st prize ? 3.600,-
2nd prize ? 2.900,-
3rd prize ? 2.200,-

5) Entry Procedure
Entry is in the form of a score copied eight times (bound, with numbered pages, without the composerґs name appearing anywhere, but with the title of the work on the cover of each of the copies). All entries must be sent in by May, 3nd 2005 (date of postmark) to:

marked „Gustav Mahler Composition Prize 2003“
Stift-Viktring-StraЯe 25
A-9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring
eMail: office@musikforum.at

The completed application form must be enclosed, signed, in a separate, sealed envelope, marked only with the title of the composition.

6) Premieres
The first performance will take place on July, 28th 2005 in Stift Viktring (Viktring Monastery). The works will be performed by the Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband, Vienna, conducted by Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher. The soloist will be Wolfgang Mitterer. The composers are required to agree to the live recording and later broadcasting by the ORF (Austrian TV and Radio Service).

The composers chosen are invited to take part in the rehearsals for the premieres of their works. The MUSIKFORUM VIKTRING will bear the accomodation and travel costs (by rail, second class).

APPLICATION FORM - eMail:office@musikforum.at - Back

Stift-Viktring-StraЯe 25, A-9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring
Telefon: +43 463 28 22 41, Telefax: +43 463 28 16 26

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Kompositionspreis der Stadt Klagenfurt

On June 05th, 2004 the jury (Rainer Bischof, Christoph Cech, Dieter Kaufmann, Monika Lichtenfeld, Siegfried Palm and
Gerhard Rühm) selected the 3 winners of the GUSTAV MAHLER City of Klagenfurt' Composition Prize 2004
1st Prize ? 3.600,- Seung ki HONG, Südkorea "die schwester"
2nd Prize ? 2.900,- Andrea CSOLLÀNY, Deutschland "links ein bisserl recht"
3rd Prize ? 2.200,- Andrea Dalla FONTANA, Italien "links ein bisserl recht - multidimensionale Kammeroper"

The first performance will take place on July 30th , 2004 at Stift Viktring, Barocksaal
performed by JANUS ENSEMBLE, Vienna,
Conductor: Christoph Cech
Soloists: Elfi Aichinger
Agnes Heginger
Margarete Jungen
On July 29th, 2004 there will be a performance at Grand Hotel Toblach, Italy, who celebrate GUSTAV-MAHLER-Weeks

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы композиторов, дирижеров / "Gustav Mahler" Composition Prize Austria

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