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In Battles in Italy, simply to move your units and attack the en-
emy is not enough. To continue doing so your units must be con-
stantly resupplied with enough equipment, ammunition and
fuel necessary to continue the attack. Fortunately, the distribu-
tion of supply in Battle in Normandy is handled by the computer.
That said, it is necessary for the player to understand the logis-
tics involved and therefore make it as easy as possible for your
Quartermasters to fulfil their tasks uninterrupted.
28.1 Supply Definitions
Supply Source: A Supply Source is an independent supply loca-
tion, i.e. one that does not have make a Supply Trace to be in sup-
ply. Map edge supply locations are always Supply Sources, but
Supply Dumps and Drop Zones can also fit into this category.
The scenario designer can designate a Supply Source to belong
solely to a particular country or to supply an entire side.
Supply Point. A Supply Point is a supply location that must make
a Supply Trace to a Supply Source before it can supply anything.
Supply trucks are Supply Points, although some trucks can sup-
ply other trucks, acting as a relay to the ultimate Supply Source.
Supply Trace: The process by which a Supply Point traces back to
a Supply Source. The strength of this connection affects the level
of the Supply Burst that Supply Points can make.
Supply Burst: Each Supply Source or Supply Point broadcasts
supply to as many hexes as it can reach. There are three levels of
Supply Burst: Maximum, Reduced and Minimum. Many dynamic
factors such as weather, ground condition, enemy ZOCs and in-
terdiction can all affect the Supply Burst.
In Supply: If a hex has been reached by at least one of your
Supply Bursts then its In Supply. If not, its Out of Supply.
Country Supply Level: Each country has a supply level. These
are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. This supply level determines how
much of its maximum OPs (called the Resupply Value number)
that a unit actually gets when it is In Supply. A unit will only get
its maximum OPs if its Country Supply Level is at 100%, other-
wise it gets less, as designated by the Country Supply Level. This
factor applies to all supplied hexes belonging to a Country in
a turn and affects the Refit rate in the same way as the Supply
Level. The actual amount of OPs received by the unit is called the
Delivered OP amount.
Automatic Refit: A unit that fulfils certain conditions will have a
multiple of its Resupply OP value added directly to its pool of
Reserve OPs. This is an automatic process, done at the start of the
turn and reflects the fact that units will always do their best to
improve their logistical condition. However the actual amount
received is multiplied by the Country Supply Level. If the Country
Supply level is less than 100% then the OPs received through
Automatic Refit will be correspondingly reduced. A unit con-
ducting Automatic Refit receives normal Delivered OPs plus the
refit multiple of the Delivered OP amount.

28.2 Supply Summary
Each hex on the map is either In Supply or Out of Supply and
this is determined at the start of the turn, and does not change
during a turn. The Country Supply Level determines how much
of a units maximum OPs a unit actually receives. A supplied hex
may also allow a unit to take replacements, but this is not auto-
matically so. A unit gets supplied by either starting a turn on a
supplied hex or moving onto a supplied hex at some stage dur-
ing a turn.
A hex is In Supply if either a Supply Point that made a Supply
Trace or a Supply Source was able to reach that hex with a
Supply Burst.
28.3 Refit Calculations
Most units (those who dont rely solely on Basic OPs) are eligible
for Automatic Refit. A unit that has a successful Automatic Refit
will have a number of OPs added directly to its Reserve OP pool
at the start of a turn.
Each Country has a Refit Value, and this is a multiplier applied
to a units Resupply OP value. The calculations are done and
the OPs added at the start of a turn. The formula for the actual
amount added is:
Resupply Value x Refit Value x Country Supply Level.
Refit Value is typically 100 300%. The maximum value for
Country Supply Level is 100%, so any values less than that will
reduce the amount of OPs gained by refitting.
To qualify for an Automatic Refit a unit must:
1) Not rely solely on Basic OPs
2) Start the turn on a supplied hex
3) Not have used its Action Capability the previous turn
4) Not have been attacked the previous turn
5) Not be adjacent to enemy units this turn
6) Not have moved during the previous turn
Note: A unit with a full stockage of Reserve OPs is ineligible to
conduct automatic refit.
Important Note: In a turn, if a unit qualifies for Automatic refit,
and it has a step or steps with timed replacements, then the wait
time for those step(s) will be reduced by two rather than one.
28.4 Refit Repair
In addition to Timed Replacments, the scenario designer may al-
low a unit to eligible for Refit Repair. A Regular or Elite combat
unit that meets the requirements for a refit, as specified above,
and has no Timed Replacements either underway or in reserve,
may have a chance of a Refit Repair. Refit Repair is not automatic,
instead on any turn that the unit meets the conditions, it rolls a
dice and if the number is less that specified, the unit succeeds in
a Refit Repair. This means that a KIA step is immediately replaced
without affecting the units Action Capability. A unit cannot have
more Refit Repairs than it has maximum steps, and each Refit
Repair is marked by a small icon on the step graphic, making it
easy to keep track of the number of Refit Repairs that a unit has

28.5 Supply Display
To see which hexes are supplied, hit the s key or the Show Supply
button on the Control Panel. Hexes shaded green are in supply
and can supply replacements. Hexes shaded yellow are in supply
but cant supply replacements. Hexes with a truck icon were sup-
plied by a supply truck, and hexes with a Strongpoint icon had
their own supply from the Strongpoint there. Unshaded hexes
are Out of Supply.

28.6 Supply Truck Display
If a supply truck is selected, the truck shows its Supply Trace back
to Supply Source as a dashed line on the map.
Other information is shown in the Unit Display.
At the top of the Unit Display is the unit name. Beneath that is
the units icon and the step icon for its single step. Next to that
are two icons that show whether the truck can supply other
trucks and if it can supply replacements. At the extreme right is
the movement type icon.
Supply units cannot attack, so their attack icon carries supply in-
formation. The color of this icon shows the strength of the trucks
Supply Burst. Green is a Maximum burst, Orange is Reduced, Red
is Minimum and Gray indicates no supply.
The first icon on the attack icon shows the mode that the Supply
Burst uses. The second icon shows a number of crates, for emer-
gency supply. If a supply truck cannot make a Supply Trace, it will
use emergency supply to make a Minimum Supply Burst.
The defence icon shows the Defence Strength. The movement
icon shows the units OPs for movement, but also displays an
icon showing the movement type used by the trucks Supply
A supply truck has three different modes associated with it, so its
important to distinguish between them. Its a unit like any other,
so it has a move type (usually Wheel, though it could be Horse or
Tracked). It has a move type to use for its Supply Trace. This often
Supply movement, as this works best along roads. Then theres a
move type for its Supply Burst. This is often Leg, as this is usually
best for travelling into difficult off road terrain, which is where
you need it most (i.e. thats where the units its providing supply
to are located!).
The last line of the Unit Display starts with the standard unit
select button. The icon to the right changes the weather display (not the weather itself ) for the three following buttons.
These buttons show the Supply Burst at Maximum, Reduced
and Minimum. By default, the weather display is set to the cur-
rent weather. Hitting the Weather Display button toggles the
weather for those Supply Burst settings, and thus allows you to
forecast what your Supply Burst would be in different weather
conditions. The weather being displayed is written above the
move icon.
The last button shows the result of a Supply Trace from every
hex on the map for the selected supply truck. It will help you de-
cide optimum locations for moving your supply trucks. This dis-
play predicts what type of Supply Trace your supply unit would
at various locations if you moved it.

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Steel Panthers Russia / / Decissive battles