International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы смешанные (несколько специальностей) / International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition

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Добавлено: 07-06-2004 16:21
International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition

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Добавлено: 07-07-2004 21:45
We want to have the information about International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition: rules, the date and the program.
Thank you, Anna.
Мы хотели бы получить подробную информацию о ближайшем конкурсе пианистов И.С.Баха ,об условиях, времени и месте проведения и программе.
Заранее благодарны.
pleasure, mailto: ,

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Добавлено: 07-07-2004 22:27
Ребята! А че вы не щелкнули по ссылочке, выделенной красным цветом? сразу попадаете на сайт конкурса!
А там все на аглицком языке.

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Добавлено: 07-07-2004 22:39
Вот и условия с сайта

XIV International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition
Member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, Geneva
Under the patronage of the Minister President of the Free State of Saxony
Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt
Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Robert Levin
Sabine Martin
Bach-Archiv Leipzig
a German civil law foundation
Kindly supported by
Leipzig City Council
The German Government’s Cultural and
Media Affairs Commissioner
The Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art
We would like to thank all our kind supporters and sponsors:
Baden-Württembergische Bank AG,
Leipzig branch
Edition Breitkopf & Härtel
BMW Group Leipzig branch
Felix Mendelssohn Academy of Music
and Drama, Leipzig
Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music, Leipzig
Edition C. F. Peter
Hotel Mercure Leipzig
Leipzig Marriott Hotel
The XIV International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition 2004 will be held in the following subjects:
Organ, Voice, Violoncello/Baroque Violoncello. The Competition is open to the public. The Competition will
be held in Leipzig from 10 to 20 July 2004.
The International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition expects participants to be of a very high standard.
They should have a confident stage manner and be experienced at performing the historical style required
in the Competition programme. The same applies to the choice of accompanists. Rehearsal for the
Competition programme should always take place using editions based on the original manuscript.
The Competition is open to soloists of any nationality who are at least 16 years old and who accept the
Competition’s conditions of entry. The participants in the subjects Violoncello and Organ must have been
born after 20 July 1972; participants in the subject Voice must have been born after 20 July 1970. Entrants
may only participate in one Competition subject.
In order to take part in the Competition, entrants must complete and submit the enclosed entry form by 5
March 2004 (date of postmark). The entry form must be accompanied by:
> A copy of your birth certificate, passport or ID card
> Your artistic curriculum vitae (on a separate sheet of paper)
> Proof of your musical training (college certificate etc)
> For students: a letter from your teacher recommending that you
participate in the Competition
> One passport photograph and one glossy photograph
(9x12 cm/3.5"x 4.75")
> A definitive performance programme for all the rounds of the
Competition in your own specified order including the exact
details of each work (on a separate sheet of paper)
> A video cassette (PAL or NTSC) or DVD containing
the required preliminary selection programme
Incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Please note that applications cannot be accepted by e-mail
or fax either. Once applications have been verified, they shall be passed on to the selection juries.
The number of participants is limited to 60 in each subject. The selection juries for the individual subjects
shall choose entrants to participate in the Competition by using the video cassettes and DVDs submitted.
Successful entrants shall be notified in writing by the Competition office by 15 April 2004. Applicants shall
be entitled to participate in the Competition once they have received this notice and remitted their
registration fee.
The application fee is ? 100 and is to be remitted free of all charges for the recipient by 15 May 2004 to
the following bank account.
Recipient: Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Account no. 1100481920
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig
Sortcode: 86055592
or IBAN: DE47 8605 5592 1100 4819 20
Purpose: Bach Competition 2004
Name of participant
The remittance slip must include the name of the participant written legibly (particularly if the registration
fee is transferred by somebody else). The counterfoil is to be produced at the Competition office on arrival.
Payment may also be made by credit card (Visa, American Express, JCB or MasterCard) quoting the card
number and its expiry date. Please note that in the event of applications being withdrawn, participants
have no legal right to claim the refund of their application fee.
Participants must pay for and organise all travel to and from the Competition as well as board and
accommodation in Leipzig themselves. Participants who reach the second round shall be granted an
allowance of ? 25 per day until the end of the Competition towards their substantiated accommodation
costs. This allowance shall not be paid to participants who live or study in or near Leipzig (up to 50 km/31
miles away).
Ideally, participants should bring their own accompanist with them at their own expense. The name of the
accompanist must be included on the entry form. If necessary, the Competition office can provide one or
more accompanists for a flat fee of ? 25 per round. This fee must be paid in cash during registration in
Leipzig. Organ registrants shall be available through the Competition office free of charge. The
Competition shall provide participants with a sufficient number of practice rooms.
The Organiser shall be entitled to make audio and video recordings of all the performances and other
events carried out during the Competition and to use them in connection with therewith. MDR
(Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk/ Central German Broadcasting Corporation) shall record all performances and
other events in part or in whole and shall broadcast them live and/or later and/or pass on these recordings
to other broadcasters. Competition participants shall not be entitled to claim any remuneration for these
recordings. Candidates who are eliminated after the second round may be requested to participate in
recitals staged by the Organiser during the Competition. Participation in such recitals is mandatory. The
prizewinners undertake to perform in the prizewinners’ recitals and the related CD production free of
On arrival, Competition participants must report in person for registration. The Competition consists of the
first and
second rounds and the final. Participants shall appear in alphabetical order based on the first letter of their
surname. The Competition management shall determine at what point in the alphabet the Competition will
start by means of a draw. The order of appearance decided shall apply to all the rounds of the
Competition. Every prizewinner and finalist must be present at the awards ceremony on Tuesday 20 July,
2004, in order to personally receive his or her award.
Competition timetable
Participant registration
Thu 8 July, 2004 Organ
10am – 8pm
Fri 9 July, 2004 Voice, Cello
10am – 8pm
Announcement of the
order of appearance
Thu 8 July, 2004 Organ
Sat 10 July, 2004 Voice, Cello
Organ registration
Fri 9 July, 2004 Organ
Hall rehearsals
Sat 10 July, 2004 Voice, Cello
Opening concert
Sat 10 July, 2004 8pm
First round
Sun 11 July, 2004 until Tue 13 July, 2004
Rehearsal day for second round
Wed 14 July, 2004
Second round
Thu 15 July, 2004 and Fri 16 July, 2004
Rehearsal day for the final
Sat 17 July, 2004
Sun 18 July, 2004 and Mon 19 July, 2004
Presentation of prizes
Tue 20 July, 2004 3pm
Prizewinners’ recital
Tue 20 July, 2004 8pm
12. Prizes
1st Prize: ? 6,000
2nd Prize: ? 4,500
3rd Prize: ? 3,000
The prizewinners are entitled to use the title Bachpreisträger (“Bach Prizewinner”).
4th place: ? 1,000
5th place: ? 500
6th place: ? 500
Special prizes
There are opportunities for concert engagements at:
Köthen Bach Festival
Eisenach Bach House
Frankfurt Festival of Music
Magdeburg International Telemann Competition
Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Leipzig Bach Festival 2005
The jury shall decide on the award of grants, special prizes and concert engagements for individual and
groups of prizewinners and finalists.
The Competition results in each subject shall be decided by the jury. The jury’s decision is always final.
The jury shall assess participants on the basis of the jury regulations. Jurors may not take part in the
assessment of their own pupils. Assessment shall be carried out confidentially. After each round, jurors
shall be available to talk to competitors who have been eliminated. The jury reserves the right to withhold
the award of any prizes if in its view the participants’ performance is not up to the standard required.

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Добавлено: 07-07-2004 22:42
А вот и список участников
Participants International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition 2004

first name family name country age
Saki Aoki Japan 01.04.1982
Taras Baginets Ukraina 22.02.1975
Daniel Beilschmidt Germany 20.11.1978
Ilze Bertrand Latvia 12.12.1974
Jörg Ulrich Busch Germany 06.07.1973
Frédéric Champion Frankreich 22.11.1976
Anastasia Chertok Russia 12.02.1976
Mina Choi South Korea 22.09.1979
Elke Eckerstorfer Austria 15.10.1974
Viera Efflerová Slowakia 25.12.1974
Sun-Young Eom South Korea 14.10.1976
Henry Fairs Great Britain 19.03.1976
Georg J. M. Friedrich Germany 24.09.1972
Jörg Halubek Germany 27.11.1977
Magdalena Hasibeder Austria 04.04.1982
Megumi Ishida-Hahn Japan 27.09.1974
Alexander Ivanov Russia 06.04.1976
Genya Kai Japan 18.06.1976
In-Sun Kang South Korea 29.11.1974
Winfried Kleindopf Germany 18.04.1975
Ekaterina Kofanova Belarus 18.11.1973
Andrei Kolomiitsev Russia 24.12.1976
Katrin Anja Krauße Germany 25.05.1978
Sylvia Maria Kraut Germany 14.04.1974
Olesya Kravchenko Russia 15.04.1981
Roman Laub Germany 28.02.1974
Hyun-Joo Lee South Korea 27.07.1975
Silvia Márquez Chulilla Spain 10.07.1975
Mariko Morita Japan 15.12.1973
Kaori Mune-Maier Japan 26.12.1972
Sayaka Namizuka Japan 07.08.1975
Sandro Nepi Italia 08.09.1973
Inese Ozola-Ozolina Lettland 19.12.1978
Rudolf Peter Germany 23.04.1975
Pascal Pilloud Switzerland 06.05.1974
Helene Rechenberg, Freiin von Germany 16.10.1974
Lorant Rez Hungary 16.01.1975
Eva-Maria Rusche Germany 01.08.1982
Ivan Sarajishvili Georgia 05.08.1972
Dániel Sárosi Hungary 22.02.1981
Susanne Scholtz Germany 30.04.1976
Tatiana Stcherba Belarus 05.08.1975
Marjeta Urbanic Slowenia 27.03.1982
Matthias Voget Germany 17.11.1980
Ulf Wellner Germany 23.08.1977
Ireneusz Wyrwa Poland 02.06.1975

Participants International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition 2004

first name family name country age
Lyazzat Abdullina Kazakhstan 15.01.1977
Alessandro Andriani Italy 09.01.1975
Heorhi Anishchanka Belarus 11.02.1985
Florent Audibert France 25.04.1974
Igor Bobowitsch Belarus 18.04.1976
Bruno Borralhinho Portugal 04.06.1982
Ira Givol Israel 04.04.1979
Benoît Grenet France 16.06.1980
Katharina Groß Austria 23.01.1979
Richard Harwood Great Britain 08.08.1979
Maarten Jansen Netherlands 07.01.1973
Denis Jdanov Russia 07.08.1980
Jörg Ulrich Krah Germany 17.05.1976
Grace Lin USA 11.01.1974
Olivier Marron France 05.09.1980
Adam Mital Switzerland 09.09.1979
Pavel Serbin Russia 11.04.1978
Andrew Skidmore Great Britain 17.04.1979
Michal Stahel Slowakia 13.08.1979
Clare Tunney Australia 17.06.1976
Doris Untch Germany 20.02.1976

Participants International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition 2004

first name family name country age
Sea-Hwan Ahn South Korea 12.04.1973 baritone
Awet Andemicael USA 09.06.1974 soprano
Makitaro Arima Japan 28.08.1972 baritone
Vanessa Barkowski Germany 05.09.1974 mezzo-soprano
Tobias Berndt Germany 14.03.1979 baritone
Martin Berner Germany 29.04.1977 baritone
Manfred Bittner Bittner 04.05.1972 bass-baritone
Karolina Brachman Poland 03.06.1975 soprano
Tae-Jin Cho South Korea 29.12.1974 tenor
David Erler Germany 04.03.1981 altus
Anne Kathrin Fetik Germany 29.04.1974 soprano
Miriam Franziska Feuersinger Austria 16.05.1978 soprano
Markus Flaig Germany 12.10.1971 bass-baritone
Clemens Flämig Germany 04.08.1976 tenor
Ivonne Fuchs Germany 24.01.1975 alto
Julia Giebel Germany 09.10.1978 soprano
Anne Greiling Germany 23.01.1971 mezzo-soprano
Jens Hamann Germany 04.12.1975 baritone
Clemens Heidrich Germany 08.03.1976 baritone
Elisabeth Herrmann Germany 04.06.1977 soprano
Elisabeth Holmertz Sweden 22.03.1976 soprano
Falko Hönisch Germany 25.11.1977 baritone
Christoph Hülsmann Germany 29.10.1973 Bass
Sang-Cheon Jung South Korea 13.07.1975 baritone
Julia Kirchner Germany 21.09.1981 mezzo-soprano
Ewa Krzak Poland 06.10.1970 alto
Christina Landshamer Germany 13.05.1977 soprano
Susanne Langner Germany 16.10.1979 mezzo-soprano
Pei-Ying Lee Taiwan 21.11.1977 soprano
Klára Lóczi Hungary 20.06.1973 mezzo-soprano
Matthias Lucht Germany 14.05.1971 altus
Trine Wilsberg Lund Norway 11.09.1979 soprano
Christina Metz Germany 02.12.1975 mezzo-soprano
Miriam Meyer Germany 04.05.1974 soprano
Eiji Miura Japan 03.06.1975 Bass
Satoshi Mizukoshi Japan 02.02.1974 tenor
Clemens Morgenthaler Germany 14.10.1973 bass-baritone
Kazuko Nakano Japan 29.04.1972 alto
Stephen Ng Hong Kong SAR 22.04.1973 tenor
Jin-Ah Park South Korea 14.09.1970 mezzo-soprano
Norman D. Patzke Germany 23.06.1977 bass-baritone
Heike Peetz Germany 20.05.1975 soprano
René Perler Schweiz 04.04.1972 bass-baritone
Julius Pfeifer Germany 19.02.1974 tenor
Jacqueline Pischorn Austria 28.07.1974 soprano
Theresa Plut Canada 22.07.1976 soprano
Georg Poplutz Germany 21.06.1974 tenor
Igor Retnev Russia 24.05.1978 altus
Mariana Rewerski Argentinien 02.04.1975 mezzo-soprano
Josie Ryan Australien 30.03.1971 soprano
Martin Saul Germany 26.11.1972 Bass
Svea Schildknecht Germany 27.06.1973 soprano
Silke Schwarz Germany 01.02.1980 soprano
Charlotte Stoppelenburg Netherlands 14.09.1979 mezzo-soprano
Marcellina van der Grinten Germany 03.05.1975 mezzo-soprano
Melanie Veser Germany 11.07.1971 alto
Stefan Vock Schweiz 12.02.1974 bass-baritone
Karen Wierzba Canada 22.11.1974 soprano
Tina Zahn Germany 30.10.1973 mezzo-soprano

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Обмен информацией о музыкальных конкурсах и их обсуждение / Конкурсы смешанные (несколько специальностей) / International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition

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